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P-ONE, the Pacific Ocean Neutrino Experiment, will be enhancing the worldwide search for neutrino sources in the distant universe from deep in the Cascadia Basin. The Cascadia Basin is a Pacific Ocean site at a depth of 2600m that has been instrumented by Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) as part of the digital Neptune network. P-ONE aims to establish this site as a highly reliable neutrino research location with a state of the art digital infrastructure. In Canada, Alberta, Queen’s and SFU are leading the development of optical components and trigger systems that are aimed to be part of the future 1km3 scale P-ONE currently under development with our partners at Oceans Network Canada.

Until full optical detection hardware gets designed, constructed and installed, P-ONE is using data from two pathfinder missions to assess the optical quality of the ocean water. The STRAW and STRAWb setups have been taking data since 2018 and 2020, respectively. The collaboration has demonstrated that the water quality at the Cascadia Basin site is suitable for a large scale neutrino telescope.