Major Resources Support & Facilities

The Institute of Particle Physics (IPP) and the Canadian Institute for Nuclear Physics (CINP) provide services for the development and fabrication of instrumentation for the Canadian subatomic physics community. These resources are supported by the NSERC SAP MRS Program. Currently, there are two groups of facilities: a consortium including Carleton, Victoria and Winnipeg, and another at the CPP+ Centre at the University of Alberta.

The centres offer access to a skilled set of technical, engineering, electronics and physics personnel augmented by laboratories with data acquisition facilities, fabrication areas and machine shops.

Members of the subatomic physics community can obtain further information from the following websites. In addition, users can contact one of faculty members of the centres: Kevin Graham (Carleton), Randy Sobie (Victoria), Blair Jamieson (Winnipeg) and Jim Pinfold (Alberta). 

Resource requests for CPP+ can be submitted via the CPP+ online application form. Requests will be reviewed by the CPP+ Operating committee.

Carleton, Victoria and Winnipeg  resource requests can be submitted via the Carleton/Victoria/Winnipeg resource request form (PDF).  Users should email the request to the above-listed contact at Carleton, Victoria or Winnipeg. Requests will be reviewed by the  Carleton/Victoria/Winnipeg Prioritization Board. A list of the Carleton, Victoria and Winnipeg  MRS personnel and their areas of expertise are below.