IPP Project Application

The IPP Scientific Council receives applications for experimental efforts undertaken by IPP Members to become IPP Projects. IPP Projects must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. have the potential to answer questions that are central to the field of particle physics and of interest to the international community;
  2. have a diverse group of Canadian particle physics researchers actively involved (i.e. usually not just from a single institution or a single researcher);
  3. have financial support from NSERC (or other Canadian funding agency) — this support should be for the development, construction, operation or exploitation of a full experiment (i.e. not just generic detector R&D);
  4. be a fully approved part of the experimental programme in the host country and/or at the host lab; and
  5. complement existing IPP Projects. The application for IPP Project status must explain how the project complements the existing IPP programme and how it might mesh with other projects that might be nearly ready to apply for IPP project status. The Canadian particle physics community is sufficiently small that its physics reach is better served by focusing efforts on one project in each field/area/accelerator where there is direct competition with little or no complementary.